3D Blanket 1Ply (Bale)
3D Blanket 1Ply (Bale)

3D Blanket 1Ply (Bale)

  • 96.000 K.D
Product Description

A bale of 24 blankets (3D Blanket 1Ply) and 24 polybags weighing 84 Kg. Soft and warm to the body. Can be used both for cold and summer season.


Bale Info:

Number of Blankets: 24

Number of Polybags: 24

Number of Designs: 8

Weight: 84 Kg


Item Info: 

Blanket weight: 3 Kg

Blanket Ply: 1

Blanket size: 200x240

Polybag weight: 0.5 Kg

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